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04 April 2021

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Lindos, Rhodes

Lindos is for most visitors the most impressive archaeological site on the island of Rhodes. At the first sight, everyone inevitably steps on the brake pedal, to admire the dramatic natural landscape which is enhanced by the picturesque quality of the town built in a more recent past. The view is astonishing.

Over the calm waters of a wide, rocky bay, white flat-roofed houses rise up a slope from a golden, schallow, sandy beach, forming a light belt around the north side of the castle hill. The mighty castle of the Acropolis of Lindos is enthroned above. At closer look, you can see behind the warlike walls the pillars of a very dainty little temple, which was once dedicated to the goddess Athena Lindia.

5000 years of history and human life are waiting be be explored here – a whole day and evening may not be enough! If you would like to swim, the most promising place is at the St. Paulis bay, at the back of the Acropolis. This is where apostle Paul once stepped on Rhodian soil. From there you can see the castle and temple from a whole different angle

You will find the most important archaeological monuments within the enclave of the Citadel, although quite a number of interesting remains are scattered at various points within the town and in its immediacies. A road leads high up to the Acropolis.

The medieval walls are the first ruins you will encounter – fortifications built by the Crusaders (early 14th century) on the remains of earlier defenses, both Byzantine and ancient. There are also some towers along the medieval walls, which follow the natural contours of the high ground.